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Portable Ultra Short Throw Pro icon Portable Ultra Short Throw Pro is an app from Sony that’s designed especially for the Sony Projector “LSPX-P1.”

Sony builds more than just phones and TVs; the company has a ton of other products, and that includes projectors. As you can imagine, some of the projectors built by Sony are also smart ones, and they can be controlled with the phone. This is just the case with the LSPX-P1 model.

The Portable Ultra Short Throw Pro application allows users to get the content from that device onto walls, tables, or any other similar surfaces. Of course, the application is smart enough also to offer other features, including the ability to project a clock, weather information, or your favorite images and videos.

  For more information on downloading Portable Ultra Short Throw Pro to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • Use the app as a remote controlled
  • Turn on poster mode
  • Switch the projector to Wireless Unit input
  • Cast the photos from the phone or tablet

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