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Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel 4.18.15 / 4.19 RC8

What you are about to download is the core of all the Linux operating systems in the world

Oct 18th 2018, 18:26 GMT

OpenBSD 6.4

A FREE, multi-platform BSD-based, UNIX operating system for multiple architectures

Oct 18th 2018, 18:25 GMT
Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel 4.14.77 LTS / 4.9.134 LTS / 4.4.161 LTS / 3.18.124 EOL / 3.16.59 LTS

The core of the Linux operating systems, created and maintained by Linus Torvalds

Oct 18th 2018, 18:24 GMT

FreeBSD 11.2 / 12.0 Alpha 10

An advanced and open source BSD operating system with support for many architectures

Oct 17th 2018, 11:14 GMT

SmartOS 20181011

A complete and modern server operating system based on the OpenIndiana Solaris OS

Oct 12th 2018, 09:31 GMT

MidnightBSD 1.0

A FreeBSD-based operating system fork aimed at providing an easy-to-use desktop experience.

Oct 12th 2018, 09:27 GMT
Linux kernel LTSI

Linux kernel LTSI 4.14.75

The core of the Linux operating systems, now available as an LTS package for consumer electronic p...

Oct 11th 2018, 14:26 GMT

pfSense 2.4.4

A m0n0wall derived BSD-based operating system designed to act as a firewall platform

Sep 26th 2018, 11:42 GMT

FreeNAS 11.1 / 11.2 Beta 3

A free implementation of a minimal FreeBSD distribution as a network-attached storage

Sep 13th 2018, 11:42 GMT
Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux 3.8.1

An Open Source, modular, small, simple, secure, and embedded Linux distribution.

Sep 12th 2018, 10:55 GMT
Oracle Solaris

Oracle Solaris 11.4

The original Solaris operating system developed and maintained by the Oracle company

Aug 28th 2018, 17:09 GMT

NetBSD 8.0

A UNIX-like Open Source operating system based on the highly acclaimed FreeBSD distribution

Jul 18th 2018, 21:56 GMT
DragonFly BSD

DragonFly BSD 5.2.2

A BSD distribution and environment that borrows many features from other BSD operating systems

Jun 18th 2018, 13:00 GMT

SmartGit/Hg 18.1.5 / 18.2 Preview 8

An easy-to-use and cross-platform Mercurial, Subversion and Git client software!

Ubuntu Server 18.04.1 LTS / 16.04.5 LTS / 18.10

This is the official server edition of the world's most popular free operating system, Ubuntu
Ubuntu Server

Xubuntu 18.04.1 LTS / 16.04.5 LTS / 18.10

An official Ubuntu flavor the uses the ligthweight Xfce graphical desktop environment

Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.2.20

A family of powerful x86 virtualization products developed and maintained by Oracle
Oracle VM VirtualBox

Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS / 16.04.5 LTS / 18.10

The Xenial Xerus edition of Ubuntu, the world's most popular free operating system

Synaptic Package Manager 0.84.4

The most powerful Graphical User Interface for the APT package management system
Synaptic Package Manager

Mudlet 3.14.0

A MUD client for Linux

Mono Project 5.16.0

An implementation of the .NET programming language for Linux and UNIX-like operating systems
Mono Project

Ubuntu Budgie 18.04.1 LTS / 18.10

An Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux operating system built around the Budgie desktop environment
Ubuntu Budgie

Opera 56.0.3051.52 / 57.0.3098.14 Beta / 58.0.3111.0 Dev

Surf the Internet in a safer, faster and easier way with the Opera browser for Linux

Ubuntu MATE 18.04.1 LTS / 16.04.5 LTS / 18.10

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment
Ubuntu MATE

Lubuntu 18.04.1 LTS / 16.04.5 LTS / 18.10

The Wily Werewolf edition of the Lubuntu Linux operating system, built on top of LXDE

MKVToolNix 27.0.0

The ultimate MKV (Matroska) manipulation software for Linux-based operating systems

LibreOffice 6.1.2

An open source office suite that provides a good alternative to commercial office tools on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms

SAGE 8.3

The World's best Open Source collection of mathematics software for Linux, Windows and Mac
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Mono Project
  • Mono Project
  • Ubuntu Budgie
  • Opera
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Lubuntu
  • MKVToolNix
  • LibreOffice
  • SAGE
  • SmartGit/Hg
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Xubuntu
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • Ubuntu
  • Synaptic Package Manager
  • Mudlet
Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel 3.2.102 EOL

The core of the Linux operating systems, created and maintained by Linus Torvalds

Jun 4th 2018, 11:59 GMT


A freely distributed and open source Network Attached Storage (NAS) operating system

May 23rd 2018, 15:33 GMT

TrueOS 18.03

An Open Source and easy-to-install-and-use FreeBSD-based desktop operating system

Mar 31st 2018, 12:10 GMT

LinuxConsole 2018

A Live, free, Open Source and modular Linux distribution especially designed for gamers

Dec 30th 2017, 15:15 GMT

GhostBSD MATE 11.1

MATE meets the FreeBSD operating system, available now as the GhostBSD MATE project

Nov 16th 2017, 18:04 GMT
GhostBSD Xfce

GhostBSD Xfce 11.1

Xfce meets the FreeBSD operating system in this free edition of the GhostBSD project

Nov 16th 2017, 18:03 GMT

Genode 18.08

An open-source and free operating system framework designed for Linux and L4/Fiasco

Sep 4th 2017, 07:57 GMT

MINIX 3.3.0 / 3.4.0 RC6

A free UNIX-like operating system designed mostly for embedded system and low-power laptops

May 9th 2017, 20:53 GMT

FuguIta 6.0-20170106

An Open Source and free OpenBSD Live CD distribution dedicated to Japanese users

Jan 11th 2017, 02:50 GMT

OpenIndiana 2017.10

A continuation of the OpenSolaris operating system

Aug 16th 2016, 21:56 GMT

ubuntuBSD 16.04 Beta 1

An Ubuntu Linux derivative that uses the kernel of the FreeBSD operating system.

Aug 9th 2016, 17:43 GMT

NuttX 7.15

This project provides a real-time embedded operating system with a small footprint

Mar 27th 2016, 01:23 GMT
Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel LTS

The core of the Linux operating systems, created and maintained by Linus Torvalds

Mar 13th 2016, 22:54 GMT
Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core 14.04.4 LTS

An official Ubuntu project that provides a minimal rootfs to Linux OS developers

Feb 18th 2016, 21:46 GMT

i2c-tiny-usb 2009-02-10

i2c-tiny-usb is a open source/open hardware project.

Jan 19th 2016, 12:12 GMT
Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core 15.10

A special edition of Ubuntu Linux that provides users with a minimal rootfs for creating Ubuntu-ba...

Oct 23rd 2015, 05:06 GMT
BFS Scheduler

BFS Scheduler 0.463 for Linux kernel 4.1

This is the BFS CPU scheduler patch for the latest stable branch of the Linux kernel

Aug 3rd 2015, 07:17 GMT
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