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Uaz 4x4 Off Road Racing II icon Use off-rooad vehicles to get the job done in this casual driving game featuring UAZ cars

Although we changed the way our whole planet was organized when cars were invented and started to become the norm, off-road cars are still being improved upon and developed. Thus, even if there are roads almost everywhere nowadays, people still like to get away from the asphalt every now and again and challenge nature on its home turf.

Complete off-road missions and explore three different maps

Uaz 4x4 Off Road Racing II is a driving game that allows you to experience the joy of feeling gravel and mud under your wheels without having to put yourself at risk or spend a lot of money on a real vehicle. Granted, this is not much of a simulator, given the awkward physics engine and simple graphics, but it can be a great way to relax and admire a couple of interesting landscapes.

Thus, the game provides you with three different maps, each one of which is located in Russia. Whether you are exploring the Urals or the Kamchatka region, the environment changes accordingly, so the experience is unique every time. In addition, there are multiple game modes to choose from, including one where you make deliveries across the map and one that has you searching for objects.

Multiple vehicles and simple controls

Your choice of vehicles is obviously kept under the UAZ umbrella, so don’t expect any Wranglers or Range Rovers. However, the iconic UAZ brand can provide you with quite a bit of fun as well, even if they are much rougher vehicles that are not designed to be pleasing to the eye. In addition, the missions can be pretty boring as well, mainly because the maps are not very detailed, and they’re also quite empty.

Lastly, the graphics fail to impress too, given the old engine and the lack of attention to detail. However, there are certainly worse examples out there, so it’s not as bad as it could be. Moreover, the vehicles actually look pretty decent, even if you can count the polygons that comprise them on your fingers.

Poor physics simulation and small maps

All in all, you really need to be prepared to make some concessions with Uaz 4x4 Off Road Racing II, because it’s not the prettiest or the smartest out there. Hence, it’s only power is to take your mind off things and provide you with a colorful environment to drive around.

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Uaz 4x4 Off Road Racing II was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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Uaz 4x4 Off Road Racing II 5.1

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