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CheatBook August 2018 icon Make your gaming experience more pleasant by taking advantage of the cheats and walkthroughs found in this database

Even if video games have evolved over the years to be more and more friendly in terms of difficulty and gameplay mechanics, people have also come up with more and more ways to cheat in them. Nowadays, not even online games are safe from those who prefer cheat codes, so there's no scarcity in terms of trainers, walkthroughs or downright exploits out there.

CheatBook focuses on the fun part of cheating, on the other hand, which means that it includes a database full of useful information that can get you out of sticky situations or particularly tough spots when it comes to single player games. Not only that, but it also includes all sorts of enjoyable easter eggs you might have missed, so it's not all about gaining infinite health or unlimited ammo for your character's weapon.

The app can look a bit outdated nowadays, especially since the trend in the last few years has been one that pushed for online platforms instead of classic apps hogging your computer. On the other hand, the simple design makes it incredibly easy to find what you are looking for, and just as easy to export the data in case you need it in a different format.

As always, the monthly issues only include a handful of titles, mainly pertaining to the latest releases, so don't expect a database featuring thousands of titles. However, there's always the possibility to download more content from within the application. This includes cheats for older games, but also walkthroughs and guides.

Speaking of walkthroughs, not all of them are lengthy guides that take you through the whole game step-by-step. In fact, many are just overall strategies that might make it easier to acquire resources or points, but there are a few lengthy guides included as well.

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